Technical Integration

CASA's engineered systems played a unique role in integrating efforts across research trusts; indeed these test beds could not function without the multidisciplinary collaboration among CASA faculty, staff, and students from all thrusts.  In this section, we discuss the activities and accomplishments associated with our core test beds.

  • The Oklahoma testbed was a four-node "end-to-end" system test bed aimed at precipitation and hazardous wind-sensing in "tornado alley" southwestern Oklahoma. This system was "end-to-end" in that critical and substantial end-user populations were involved in this test bed.This testbed was decommissioned in 2011 and the CASA radars were moved to Dallas Fort Worth to support the Urban Test Bed.
  • The Off-The-Grid testbed was a student-led test bed in the area around Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. The students focused on "off-the-grid" sensing in resource-poor (e.g., energy and communication-constrained) environments and also use plugged-in radars as well.
  • The Massachsuetts testbed. This was a single radar deployment at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, that served the dual purpose of prototyping and testing new algorithms and providing weather decision support to the campus during severe weather.

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