Advisory Boards

CASA's advisory boards provided input into CASA's long and short-term research, technology transfer, and education goals.

External Science and Engineering Advisory Board (ESEAB)

Member Name


Paul Smith - Chair

South Dakota School of Mines

Charles Luther

Office of Naval Research

Pedro Restrepo

Office of Hydrology, NWS

Bob Saffle


John Stankovic

University of Virginia

Marilyn Wolfson

MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Richard W. Katz

National Center for Atmospheric Research 













Industry Advisory Board (IAB)

Member Name


Walter Dabberdt - Chair

 Vaisala, Inc.

Mark Russell

 Raytheon Company

Jim Ford

 Raytheon Company

Chris McCarroll

 Raytheon Company

Donald LaPoint

 EWR Weather Radar Systems

Daniel Melendez


Academic Partners::

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