CASA's Student Involvement

Are you a student who is interested in working on a meaningful research project with the potential to save lives and property?

Are you interested in working as part of a team of leading faculty and other students on a large-scale, interdisciplinary project?

Are you ready to be part of the team that is doing cutting-edge research into the way weather is observed, detected and predicted?

Then, consider joining the CASA team!

Student participation is a key element of the CASA project. Undergraduate and graduate students will gain invaluable experience by working together with faculty and industry experts to develop cutting-edge technology in the fields of meteorology, computer science, and engineering.

There are many ways for students to be part of CASA, from the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program, to the Student Leadership Council and student-led DCAS system-level test bed.

HERE is the latest print of the SLC Student Journal.  The journal contains the abstracts and biographies of many of the CASA students. 

If you're excited about the possibilities of this revolutionary and exciting new research center, then contact Kathy Rubin, Director of CASA Education and Outreach.



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