Membership Program

Membership Goals & Strategy: The Membership Program had a goal to develop and sustain partnerships with domestic and foreign firms, research institutions and government agencies that have (or can develop) the market insight, development and manufacturing capability and marketing reach to realize CASA's vision of low-cost boundary layer observing systems for severe weather related decision making.

Practitioner members supported CASA with tiered cash fees and in-kind support according to a specific schedule and based upon company size. 

Principal Members
Associate Members
  • $40K - $10K annual cash fee; $150K - $25K in-kind commitment
  • Membership on Industrial Advisory Board, input on center strategy and research
  • Option A members: Early access to intellectual propery - invention disclosures and center publications
  • Option B members: no special access to intellectual property
  • Significant in-kind commitment of strategic importance to Center
  • No membership on Industrial Advisory Board; involved in specific research only
  • No special access to intellectual property; participation restricted to open meetings

For more information about the CASA Practitioner Partners Program, please contact CASA's
Industry Liaison Officer.  

Academic Partners::

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