CASA radar debuts on NBC 5 TV station

On Thursday, May 3, 2018, powerful storms swept through North Central Texas, bringing down trees and utility poles, endangering lives and property. The National Weather Service forecasters and emergency managers in the region were closely monitoring high resolution radar data from the CASA network, to provide additional detail on the location, timing and severity of storms. On this day, veteran NBC station meteorologist, David Finfrock, presented data from the CASA radar network LIVE on air to support his on-air broadcast. This was the first time data from the CASA network was used on-air, anywhere, in a rapidly unfolding weather scenario, marking a new landmark in the use of high resolution CASA radar data. The collaboration between CASA and NBC Universal is part of a Pilot Program aimed at studying how CASA's unique data can be used in on-air broadcasts to support communication of weather hazards and decision making to save lives and property.


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