Radar Installation at UT Arlington

The first CASA radar was installed atop Carlisle Hall at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) on October 28, 2012. The installation marked the culmination of months of coordination between CASA engineers, UTA and its contractors and the North Central Texas Council of Governments. This is the first of four radar installations planned for the area over the next several months.

Francesc supervising trailer transfer 

Francesc Junyent (CSU) supervising transfer of radar from warehouse to trailer.


 Radar being lowered on platform

Radar being attached to platform early Sunday morning. Eric Lyons (UMass) on left.

Group photo

From L to R: Joe Frizzell (Mayor, Midlothian), Amanda Everly (NCTCOG), Kevin Oden (Dallas Emergency Management), Apoorva Bajaj (UMass), Eric Carter (Fort Worth Emergency Management)





 Helicopter Install

CASA radar flying through the air towards UT Arlington. Cowboys Stadium in the background. Image courtesy: Francesc Junyent



Roofers cementing the radar into place at UT Arlington.


Brena and Francesc

Brenda Philips (UMass) and Francesc Junyent (CSU)next to the newly installed CASA radar.


Apoorva and John Mcenery at UTA

Apoorva Bajaj (UMass) and Prof. John Mcenery (UTA) on the UT arlington rooftop.


Tom Bradshaw being filmed

NWS Fort Worth Dallas Meteorologist-in-Charge Tom Bradshaw being interviewed by NSF videographer.


Group photo on rooftop

From L to R: Tom Bradshaw (NWS FWD), Mark Fox (NWS FWD), Prof. D.J. Seo (UTA) and Francesc Junyent (CSU)

Juan Ortiz

Fort Worth Emergency Management Coordinator - Juan Ortiz


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